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How to Use App to Control Your LED Strip

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Arduino library for controlling single-wire-based LED pixels and strip such as the Adafruit 30 LED/meter Digital LED strip, the Adafruit FLORA RGB Smart Pixel, the Adafruit Breadboard-friendly RGB Smart Pixel, the Adafruit NeoPixel Stick, and the Adafruit NeoPixel Shield. We based on these and LinkSpriteIO make it can be controled by mobile phone ,to achieve a number of simple functions with LinkNode D1.

1 Hardware connection

LinkNode D1LED Strip

2 Install Apk

3 Register Or Login

  • Enter to the login page

  • If not register,Please register

4 Create Device

  • If not have device,Please click + icon to add device

  • Please choose LED button and other device type will be added later.

  • Please choose ADD button to create a device

  • Fill in the name of the device and group name, and click the confirm button to create the device

5 Upload arduino code

  • change deviceID and apikey of program by your LinkSpriteIO device.

  • Upload the code to LinkNode D1,and then you can use your mobile control the led strip.
If you’ve never used D1 LinkNode,you can learn from here.

6 LED Strip Control

  • Please choose the device button to set device

  • LED strip how to show:

    1.Flowing water lights

    2.Bln control



  • Set the flowing water lights

    Set the total number of LED strip:Total

    Set the time of flowing water lights:Time

  • Set bln control

    Set the total number of LED strip:Total

  • Set blink

    Set the total number of LED strip:Total

    Set the time of blink:Time

  • Set custom

    Set the total number of LED strip:Total

    Set the start number which :Start

    Set the end number:End

    Set the color of LED:Color (Four color:Red,Blue,Green,White)

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